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Power Your Value-Based
Programs with AI

We help leading healthcare companies close risk gaps and improve patient engagement programs with impactful new technology.


Moving from Risk to Impactability

Curia goes beyond traditional risk-based analytics by predicting the likelihood a patient or clinician will be ‘impacted’ by available interventions. This new and powerful framework can be applied across application areas and is creating major unlocks for leading healthcare organizations.

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Closing Risk Gaps


Accurately coding patients in government-sponsored programs is a critical challenge for most value-based entities and ‘getting it right’ has major implications on both care pathway decisions and plan economics. Curia’s AI-based approach automates the detection of likely uncoded diagnosis, calculates the reimbursement impact of these changes, and optimizes how they are communicated to clinician partners to maximize appropriate conversion.


Curia - Closing Risk Gaps TRANSPARENT co

Closing Risk Gaps with AI

The art of the possible today and its impact on care and economics for government-sponsored programs.

Hunt for Pursuadables tranparent book co

The Hunt For Persuadables

Improving healthcare interventions with important lessons from the commercial sector.

Curia - Health system analytics TRANSPAR

Health System Analytics that Drive Value

A guide for how providers can move from risk to optimization in an expanding value-based care environment.

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