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Practical AI 

Built for a Value-Based World

We help providers, payers and life sciences companies 

optimize business programs with state-of-the-art AI.

Don't make today's decisions with yesterday's technology

New threats and opportunities mean it's time to reevaluate your approach.

Payment Models are Changing

The healthcare sector is undergoing a fundamental transformation from paying for volume to paying for value. This is happening in fits and starts, but it will impact more than 80% of the value pools for providers, payers, biopharma and medtech companies.

New Forms of Data

It's not just about diagnoses and procedures any more. Leading companies are finding that non-traditional data sources such as images, videos, text, and IoT sensor data can help them gain new sources of insight to inform their predictions and decisions.

New AI Breakthroughs

Rapid advances in AI techniques are giving us new abilities to detect subtle risk and program effects patterns across patients, clinicians, sites, and care delivery modes, as well as to automatically refine decision-making over time.

Curia supports a wide range of healthcare businesses

  • Target iterative member communications to maximize financial and health improvements

  • Rigorously use RWE to evaluate the true impact of treatments and target them to maximize efficiency

  • Begin migration from prior authorization to automated resolution for specific disease states


  • Target patient and clinician communications to maximize long-term impact 

  • Automate processes, including resource scheduling, coding, and billing

  • Target outpatient and home care to maximize net value creation and minimize cannibalization 


  • Design Phase III protocols to maximize expected value

  • Optimize go-to-market programs, including detailing, personalized DTC advertising and specialty pull-through

  • Rigorously use RWE to demonstrate the value of treatments

Life Sciences

Curia helps you drive value today

Curia solutions integrate into your existing processes, using existing data from your EHR, claims, and patient-level systems, enriched with our public and proprietary data sources such as social determinants of health and ProviderGraph.


Curia brings a single-minded focus to improving the decision steps in your business processes. We apply cutting-edge AI and machine learning methods to help you manage risk, reduce costs of care and improve clinical outcomes.


Curia is deployed rapidly, ensuring a fast return on investment. Our strong understanding of real world business process and practical orientation means we ensure decision-makers get just what they need, when they need it, the way they need it.


Start creating value with AI today