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We are a team of high-performing data scientists, software engineers, and business strategists focused on delivering measurable business and clinical value through the implementation of practical AI. 


Curia was built to improve value-based care performance with state-of-the-art AI methods.

Opportunities abound in any large health plan, health system, IDN, or ACO to close risk gaps and optimize the targeting of care & engagement programs. Given the frequency and scale of these efforts, moving the needle on them can create tremendous clinical and economic benefits.



Despite ongoing investments in this area, many of these opportunities remain open.

Reliably closing risk gaps and improving the targeting of care & engagement programs is extremely challenging. We must:

  1. Integrate noisy and disparate data sets

  2. Understand not just risk but also the cause-and-effect impact of our interventions

  3. Align key stakeholders to institutionalize our efforts into normal business processes


Curia has brought significant resources and analytical expertise to this problem.

Our co-founders have built and led large global businesses focused on causal inference. We have raised significant capital to support our scaling efforts. Our team comprises data scientists and engineers from leading AI institutions as well as business executives / consultants with experience driving change for large organizations.

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THE APPROACH combines an advanced software platform with business process support.

Our cloud-based software platform uses leading-edge AI methods to automate the core analytical processes needed to identify risk gaps and optimize the targeting of care & engagement programs. We combine this with business process implementation to help embed the Curia technology within normal course-of-business activity. Further, we always begin customer engagements with a pilot to prove out practicality and ROI.

Curia is lowering cost of care, improving outcomes and optimizing reimbursement

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