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We are a team of high-performing data scientists, software engineers, and business strategists focused on delivering measurable business and clinical value through the implementation of practical AI. 

New Analytical Breakthroughs and Data Sources Lead to Better Decision Making

Curia was built to help healthcare companies facing increasing costs of care optimize patient, member and clinician interventions focused on a wide range of chronic conditions. While risk modeling has long guided targeting and resource allocation decisions, much less analytical rigor has been applied to determining who is most likely to respond favorably to a given intervention.

New mathematical methods and advances in computing power have unlocked this ‘impactability scoring’ capability, which Curia combines with state-of-the-art risk scoring to drive significant gains in engagement programs targeted to members, patients and/or clinicians.

Curia’s Modular Architecture  
integrates a wide variety of data sources and uses a combination of risk + impactability modeling to drive truly optimized decision-making
Illustrative Business and Clinical Applications

Reducing Inappropriate ED Utilization

Unnecessary ED visits account for significant added cost in the system and are not an optimal health pathway. Curia identifies the most influential outreach method per individual, allowing for successful prevention and alternative care re-routing.

Driving Course of Treatment Adherence

To achieve crucial value-based outcomes, individuals in post-acute and care management paths must receive  engagement and diagnostic interventions that are most likely to drive intended behaviors.

Encouraging Preventative Care Actions

Optimizing Commercial Programs

Driving the highest percentage of  member / patient population  to enroll in needed dietary programs, get their flu shots or schedule overdue cancer screenings requires allocating resources to the most effective intervention type per individual.

Carefully analyzing which patients are most likely to respond to various interventions  using modern ML causal intervention models can dramatically improve ROI on programs ranging from detailing digital outreach to pull-through to adherence.

Understanding who is at greatest risk for chronic condition complications or readmission is a crucial component of prevention. But, measuring the causal effect of planned interventions on the likelihood of more positive health / financial results is essential for decision makers to deliver impactful targeting at the individual level, and maximized resource allocation on aggregate.

Decreasing Avoidable Chronic Hospitalizations and Readmission

Secure and No PII

The Curia platform is hosted in a secure and fully HIPAA-compliant cloud environment and requires no patient or member personally identifiable information (PII).

Leverage Existing Tools

Curia seamlessly integrates into existing operational outreach tools, inbound contact management systems and pre-built risk stratification models.

Automated Model Building

The Curia platform automates the process of building and deploying engagement optimization models. This allows for rapid implementation against any variation of engagement program.

Curia's Technology Features

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